A Modern Rural Garden

A ground breaking residential Dutch Barn conversion required a modern yet naturalistic setting.

Blending sharp edged architecture with surrounding coutryside

An old Dutch Barn in a rural location with breathtaking views was converted using timber, steel and glass into a stunning modern home. The landscaping needed to fit the style of the new building while blending into the beautiful countryside beyond.

Timber and stone surfaces, blocks of grasses and some carefully chosen trees were utilised to make a simple and architectural scheme. A swimming pool positioned to run the length of the rear of the house was surrounded by planting with decks floating out over it.

The surrounding landscape was sculpted into large meadow seeded landforms and a lake was created within this, also for outdoor swimming.


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Rae Wilkinson is a member of:
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Photography by Rae Wilkinson and Chloe Hardwick.
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