Creating landscapes involves harnessing the beauty of nature to awaken the senses and enliven the spirit...

Award-winning designer Rae Wilkinson creates stunning modern, classic and sustainable gardens with a naturalistic feel.

'I believe in making outdoor living spaces beautiful and useable, whilst sensitively connecting them to their setting.

I bring deep knowledge of horticulture and in particular how plants work together, to enhance and connect landscape and architecture.

Having worked as a gardener and a garden designer for the past 20 years, working both with designers and landscapers, I have learnt a lot about plants and materials and their effective use in creating stunning outdoor spaces. My background is in art and sculpture and this is the root of my creativity and sense of style.'

That artistic background is also evident in her work as a photographer. Her work demonstrates an accomplished eye and sensibility for what makes an attractive, convincing and authentic garden or landscape image. Most of the photographs in this website are her work.


Contact Rae

tel: 01403 782250
on site: 07747 771996

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Outdoor Options
Alitex Greenhouses and Conservatories

Rae Wilkinson is a member of:
The Association of Professional Landscapers,
The Society of Garden Designers (pre-registered)
The Horticultural Trades Association.

Photography by Rae Wilkinson and Chloe Hardwick.
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